Our Consultants

In support of our business ethic, Balcony have attracted a team of enthusiastic and motivated professionals to help support our clients.

Balcony retains a small hub of directly employed consultants and a much larger resource of associates. This association is tightly managed to ensure that all our people are truly "Balcony People" and have adopted the high standards required by Balcony, for which we are recognised. All our consultants are professionals who retain membership of their respective supporting professional bodies.

Our consultants have a wide range of skills in most industry sectors including rail, construction, aerospace, highways, retail, communication, manufacturing & logistics. Within this our professionals have specialisms including business improvement, motivation, mentoring, assessment, training, business systems (BS/EN/ISO9000, 14000 & 18000) and accident investigation to name a few.

All our consultants demonstrate commitment to their professionalism through maintaining a portfolio supporting their continual professional development. This allows both Balcony to maintain our integrity and our clients to see the experience and quality of the individual before working together.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and to receive details of a consultant who can help you.

The safety of all Balcony people is of paramount important to us. We endeavour to ensure that our consultants enjoy a safe and fruitful time whilst supporting our clients. Clients should expect to be asked to work together in this vein.

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