About Us

Balcony don't only specialise in providing support to companys who recognise that they need some help staying compliant with some or all of the miriad of industry specific and legal requirements. We ensure that the processes you use are also efficient and right for you and your company. This makes them cost effective, ethical, moral and a joy to work with. This is the way business should be done and is the reason why some companies are very successful and some are not. Take your colleagues with you and they will support you through to their retirement. Think of your people as the fuel flowing through your company, it's their life that's being used-up, we need to do it on mutually beneficial terms and we're not just talking money here.

Balcony offer business improvement consultancy. We also provide safety, environment and quality support meeting the needs of most company's budgets by providing a service at a level to suit your needs. We are very experienced in the railway industry with strong ties with Network Rail and the Office of Rail Regulation. Pick the phone up and call us or e'mail to see how we can help your company. One of the team can come to you for a chat, agree costs and if you like what you hear, we'll take it from there.


Balcony was incorporated in England & Wales on 12th February 1998 and initially traded as M&P Associates providing occupational health & safety consultancy support to both end clients and other consultancies.

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